It has been a while since we launched ClickUp Compass, and we are happy to discover more and more of you are finding ways toward our hub. As promised, we will continue to expand this space with valuable templates, good-to-knows, use cases, step-by-step guides, and more.

So, here we are, with the next release - a big one! With our evaluation template, we’re opening up the possibility to scale your 360° evaluations across your organization with an all-in-one template consisting of quite a few features of what ClickUp has to offer:

  • Grouped views on lists to aggregate results per colleague
  • Aggregated sums of columns in lists to have a quick overview of results
  • Custom-made forms so everybody can chime in to evaluate their colleagues
  • Custom fields to customize evaluations
  • Docs where you can put in aggregated results of the evaluation forms

Although this sounds like a lot and seems easy to get lost in, we assure you that it is all very maintainable and uncluttered. And if, before we dive in a bit deeper, you might still be asking yourself: Why put a 360° evaluation template in ClickUp?

The answer is simple. We firmly believe that ClickUp, as a project management tool, is suitable to address all kinds of projects, especially those that live inside every organization you will ever build and try to scale. Those projects, focusing on sales, HR, communication, recruitment, support, finance, and much more, definitely have a place inside of ClickUp that, because of its diversity, allows you to be creative when tackling these organization-wide challenges.

So without further ado, sign up or sign in to ClickUp Compass and start evaluating your colleagues efficiently!