Meet the ClickUp Compass

SUMSUM started with a clear goal in mind: being a primary liaison for businesses. In the beginning, this translated to having the best product owners — hence SUMSUM, the product owners — on board. After a while, we noticed a hole in the market that needed to be filled; that ‘hole’ being project management. Now, we have several project managers on board and we have came to the conclusion we needed a unified way of working.

Often, projects were followed up in different platforms; think of Jira, Trello, TeamGantt, Excel, Word, presentations, and so on. This way of working wasn’t very efficient nor easily scalable. That’s why we wanted to select the best platform for us to work in.

After a thorough investigation, ClickUp emerged as the platform with the most functionality to make setting up and following up a project as easy as possible.

Meet the Compass

If we do something, we do it right. So, we started looking into ClickUp in-depth and noticed that we needed something more than their ClickUp University can offer. That’s why decided to make our own curriculum and branded it as the ClickUp Compass.

The ClickUp Compass is a course that our team can complete on their own pace. In this curriculum, a series of training sessions and webinars is finished off by each participant with a demo where they explain a fully worked out use case.

This way of working ensures that everyone within our team knows how to work out different types of projects in the best way. In addition, they get to know ClickUp functionalities that simplify the follow-up of projects.

Learning hub

Besides the ClickUp Compass, we have internal coordination moments where we share information and present use cases to each other. This way, everyone is always up-to-date about the newest functionalities within ClickUp and we continue to learn from each other. This kind of information is always collected in our learning hub. For example, we have already collected an extensive library of how-to’s and different types of use cases.

ClickUp makes it easy to share projects and dashboards with colleagues and customers, so everyone knows where to find what kind of information when they start a project with us.

Want to know how you can save time by using ClickUp? Try out our ClickUp Compass here or contact us!