What I have learned from SUMSUM and their focus on ClickUp

As I introduced you to my role as a project manager in our Brainhouse project in my previous blog, I will now dive deeper into a project management tool that came in handy during my internship, namely ClickUp. ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity app that helps people save time.

ClickUp Curriculum

SUMSUM started using ClickUp intensively around the time I started my internship. Because of the importance of working along together with one shared tool, SUMSUM had set up a learning path what they coined the name Clickup Curriculum. Each team member had a designated list in which they could discover the tool in all its beauty, and eventually, we set up sprints so everyone would take up the classes every week, which they then discussed in a team meeting. Doing this was particularly handy because we could share our lessons learned and get motivated by seeing each other work. As an extra result, we’ve already created a lot of step-by-step guides which you can freely consult on Clickup Compass.

My lessons learned

Generally, I discovered that ClickUp is, in fact, a great project management tool. You can save all your projects in a very organized way and use different, personalized approaches for each project. Through ClickUp, you have a good overview of each project's status. This way, you can keep a close eye on your team and follow up on the project.

Through a regionalized dashboard, you can see who has realized what at a glance, which is particularly easy when you are managing different projects. You can keep an excellent overview of the project's status at all times.

One of the most valuable features within ClickUp is the 'Forms' feature, in my opinion. For Brainhouse, we created a smart web browser for patients with motor impairments. We implemented a feedback form in this browser, so our users can send us any feedback or problems they experience. I created this specific form in ClickUp, and Tommy, my Brainhouse colleague, loaded the form through an iFrame. This way, users can fill it out, and the data is then sent directly to ClickUp as a task in a separate folder within our project. When feedback is collected, the project manager can prompt a developer to fix the bug, or the team can confer to develop a much-requested new feature.


I think ClickUp is a brilliant tool with endless possibilities - many of which I have yet to test out. Want to know more about the tool? Check out our ClickUp Compass, a space where SUMSUM shares every template, guide, and insight they have about ClickUp.